Direct Test

Automate and Streamline Your Product Testing Processes

Most retailers, manufacturers and distributors rely on third-party testing laboratory service providers to verify that each SKU and each lot meets all standards and regulations mandated by law such as the .

Traditional data collection processes—via hard copies, fax, or point-to-point data transmissions from individual testing laboratories—make it extremely difficult to implement a systematic, globally consistent testing program involving multiple testing partners and to make testing data available for reporting and analysis.

icix Direct Test streamlines the management of product test and regulatory documentation, matching purchase orders to existing documentation and notifying trading partners and testing labs when documentation or certificates are missing. icix connects directly to lab systems to pull in test results and reports, generates certificates and eliminates manual processing. 

Proactively Manage and Identify Risk

  • Protects your reputation with visibility into compliance and risk across your supply chain
  • Automates the identification of products at risk of shipping without current, required documentation
  • Increases control and transparency by identifying trading partners who aren’t meeting your standards

Drive Automation, Access Regulatory Documentation in Real-Time

  • Ensures adherence to Reasonable Testing Program and Children’s Products Testing requirements under the CPSIA
  • Automatically generates regulatory documentation
  • Centralizes test and regulatory documentation for all products
  • Drives program adherence by reducing process friction
  • Automatic monitoring and alerting of documentation problems

Implement an Industry Best Practice

  • Automatically matches tests to products and purchase orders
  • Improves information integrity by collecting test results and certifications directly from 3rd party labs
  • Enables management by exception, greatly increasing program efficiencies

Increase Efficiency, Reduce Cost

  • Enables labs to submit results directly, reducing workload and manual processing
  • Supports a multiple lab partner testing program to give your trading partners choice and flexibility
  • Enables your trading partners to access other buyers on the network, sharing common information and tests, reducing costs
  • Delivers product tests to avoid interruption / delay of product shipments

icix has worked closely with the world’s leading testing labs, manufacturers and retailers to define standard operating procedures that are shared among the major testing organizations and has codified these standards in icix Direct Test. Click here to learn more about our lab partners.

Click here for more information on the icix Direct Test application.

CPSIA imposes new requirements on manufacturers of apparel, shoes, personal care products, accessories and jewelry, home furnishings, bedding, toys, electronics and video games, books, school supplies, educational materials and science kits. The Act also increases fines and specifies jail time for some violations.